Business Consulting and Professional Services

"We employ a highly experienced group of professionals specializing in serving small- and medium-size businesses in Canada. The experience of our staff is unrivaled and represents hundreds of years when measured collectively.

Our mission is as clear as it is simple: We deliver the wants and needs of our clients based on professionally set expectations.

Our business analysts and consultants are the most talented in the industry and will provide your company with a roadmap for profitability and overall success. ABS is only for those business owners who want to achieve excellence. Similar to a top trainer for a professional athlete, ABS’ senior business analysts and consultants will push you to become the best you can be. We refuse to accept anything less for you and your business. That being said, you must be fully committed to success before we can commit to you. With your cooperation, we will show you how to build a better business and steer you towards success and profitability.

We are part of your team. We work with you onsite to make the necessary changes in your business—changes that will enable you to join the ranks of the best-managed and most profitable companies in business today. ABS offers a combination of expertise and unsurpassed technology resources. We have invested in a multimillion-dollar Cisco IT infrastructure complete with one of the richest business databases in the world. Our multiple, state-of-the-art control centers help ensure our commitment to excellence for the benefit of our clients.

The business analysis is performed by an expert analyst who has performed hundreds of onsite company analyses in the past. Our policy requires that we perform a business analysis prior to engaging clients in consulting projects. Ethical business analysts are trained to discover problems, determine how to solve them and prioritize those that can provide the business owner a significant return on investment. Many business owners, as well as boards of directors, engage our analytical services for a checkup for the same reason a person visits the doctor for a physical. During the exam, we evaluate all the components of the client’s business.

The fees for the business analysis are structured to bring maximum benefit to our clients and are surprisingly inexpensive. At the conclusion of the analysis, the business analyst meets with the client to present his comprehensive findings and recommendations. Together, the client and the business analyst decide whether to go forward with a consulting project in an effort to improve the business and achieve the client’s goals. For further information or to schedule a complimentary appointment with one of our representatives to discuss the benefits of a ABS business analysis, call 877-269-0826.

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